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Success-Minded Leader and the 9 Success Mindsets

At Success-Minded Leader, our work is based on interviews with hundreds of leaders at the top of their field to understand the essence of how they succeed. We discovered that while the path to achievement varies widely among these individuals, what is consistent among them is that they share mastery of nine characteristics; what we call the 9 Success Mindsets. Our mission is to help our clients unlock their leadership potential by learning and mastering these 9 Success Mindsets.


What Makes a Success-Minded Leader?

Success-Minded Leaders are more engaged, self-directed, innovative, and accountable. They produce consistently remarkable results. Success-Minded Leaders focus their action through development of 9 Success Mindsets. Self-reflection is an essential habit for Success-Minded Leaders.


In the current business environment, when turbulent times are the norm, competitive advantage is measured by internal fortitude. Having an edge and maintaining it depends less on what you do and more on how you do it. At Success-Minded Leader, we empower your team to tap into their innate ability to master their mindsets through Success-Minded, Immersive and Transformative Leadership Development Training/Coaching Programs. 

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"The Success-Minded Leadership Program helped me to deal with a very difficult situation with a member of my team. Using the right mindset in the beginning is the way to avoid most of the issues that you might face."
~ Senior Leader, Costco

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