5-Step Guide to Getting What You Want


For your business to succeed, you and your people must grow. Here are five steps to help you get what you want for business and personal success:

  1. Follow your passion. The most successful people love what they do. That includes everyone from the top down, and is the reason why engaging employees matters. Follow your passion, and share it with others.
  2. Define what success means. To reach goals, we have to define success in some concrete terms, even when we dream big. And dreaming big is the best way to dream! But write down the dreams in specific terms so you can believe that you’ll get there and so you and your team have a clear vision to work toward.
  3. Align your outer and inner visions. This means you must take your inner vision, or where you are now, and align it with the vision you have – how you’ve defined success and where you want to go. If you’re a company, this might include evaluating your current culture and aligning that with what it must be to support the success you envision. Don’t skip this important step!
  4. Assess yourself and your employees to identify self-starter mindsets. A mindset, or fixed attitude toward an idea, can determine how you handle all of the steps involved in getting what you want for yourself and your company. I’ve determined nine mindsets common to successful self-starters. Assessing whether you have the mindset to take risk and remain positive, for example, is an important step toward getting what you want. Your business is more likely to succeed if you assess your workers to identify those potential self-starters who are positive thinkers and hold other successful mindsets.
  5. Persevere, no matter what roadblocks you face. You’re only likely to get what you want when you persevere. Nearly every self-starter I’ve interviewed has faced some obstacle on the road to success. It’s natural for you or those around you to get discouraged from time to time. But successful self-starters don’t give up. In fact, sometimes a setback motivates them more!

Learn more about the 5 steps to getting what you want and the self-starter mindsets here (

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