An Evening with the Harbor Club

An Evening with the Harbor ClubWow! I had a blast last night speaking to Harbor Club members about Self-Starters. For those of you who weren’t there—we missed you—here is a quick summary of my speech. Self-Starters worth their salt possess the Big Three Success Attributes: Passion, Vision, and Perseverance. These three need to be firmly aligned. First, Vision. Vision inspires possibilities. Vision is what propels us forward. I would ask that you dream bigger than you can imagine. Then take the necessary steps to achieve it.

Second, Passion. Passion creates energy. Energy and passion propel you forward. Passion is at the heart of what you do. Passion is why you get up in the morning and work until the day is done. Don’t be one of the working dead; find your passion and pursue it with gusto! Then, make certain your vision and your passion are in alignment.

Last, Perseverance. You can have the other two firmly established, but without perseverance you will have trouble reaching your goals. The true measure of a Self-Starter is one who keeps on, keeping on—even when setbacks, discouragements, challenges prevail.