Are You Standing in Your Own Way?

Are You Standing in Your Own Way?Have you ever tried to brainstorm a problem and been unable to figure out what’s standing in your way? You turn the problem over and over, examining it from all sides, looking for the solution. Then suddenly you realize the answer. What’s standing in your way is YOU!

Take heart, dear ones. We all do it! Sometimes we’re our own worse enemy! There’s a way through this one, however, and it’s what all Self-Starters do when they don’t know what to do: They lose themselves in others.

They give, and they give again. Self-Starters reach out and help their local and global communities, because they feel it’s the right thing to do. They find themselves, refresh themselves, and feed their own humanity while helping those in need.

They take a stand, make a commitment, and then move forward with passion and conviction. It’s what compassion is all about in the world of Self-Starters.

What did you do for someone else today?