A Baker’s Dozen Tips

A Baker’s Dozen Tips

The baker’s dozen, or adding a thirteenth baked good when a customer orders a dozen, might have originated as a way to avoid weight penalty for orders of bread loaves hundreds of years ago, but today it’s going above and beyond to please a customer. A bonus, if you will, rather than a hedge against penalty.

When hiring, grooming or promoting employees, you can spot those who go above and beyond, who always throw in the extra bagel when given an assignment. At Success Factors Inc, we also go the extra mile for customers, and today we offer our own baker’s dozen of tips for individual and organizational success!

Tips from Success Factors, Inc: A Baker’s Dozen

  1. Never put off until tomorrow… don’t procrastinate! Even small steps toward your vision help.
  2. . . . but be patient, persevering through setbacks.
  3. Update your mindset and behavior. Believe in your vision and see success in your future.
  4. Approach challenges with the certainty that success will overcome these or other challenges in the future.
  5. Take stock of challenges you’ve already overcome and incremental success.
  6. Be fearless and take risks.
  7. Seek advice and support from mentors and those you trust and admire.
  8. Keep yourself from getting in your own way. In other words, examine your beliefs, circumstances and confidence. Don’t be your own worst enemy!
  9. Remember only you are in control. You choose how to approach your vision and how to react to others or to problems along the way.
  10. When stalled, record the reasons. Then listen, learn and be amazed.
  11. Take it day by day.
  12. Celebrate achievements.
  13. Get help from a coach.

We’ve talked to so many successful professionals and can help guide your Fast Track to Success. Learn more about our baker’s dozen tips and how a Success Factors, Inc. coach or program can help you grow and achieve your success initiative. Call us today! (425-485-3221)