Secrets of Self-Starters

If I were to ask you to give me one attribute to a self-starter, what would you say? Perhaps words just as someone with get-up-and-go, energetic, passionate. Might those be… Read More

A Self-Starter Defined

I have two questions for you to ponder: If I was to ask you to define a self-starter, what attitudes or traits--I call them traititudes-- come to mind? As you think… Read More

Writing a Book

You would think since I have written and revised my business-writing book five times, that I would get used to the process! Sigh. It is just a tough slog to… Read More

The Book Is Almost Finished!

Well, we're on the final leg of this journey. I am filled with mixed emotions. I am thrilled that I may get my days and nights back--all that writing! I… Read More

Self-Starters are Finishers

One of the things I have learned in interviewing 100 self-starters is that they just don't start something, they finish it. As many of them said: The world is littered… Read More

The Writing Process: Giving Birth

Writing--you can love it; you can hate it. When all is going swimmingly along, you’re on cloud nine. When the muse disappears, all is desolate. Probably a little dramatic, but… Read More

Getting the Stories Right

As a writer finding the right word, the correct sentence structure to convey your thought is tough. Though a difference exists between business writing and narrative writing, the approach is… Read More

Meeting the Self-Starters

I love to network and meet new people. I love to hear their stories. I know many amazing people so finding self-starters to interview was not difficult. Finding ones whose… Read More