Bottom Line Success Factors

Does your organization have sufficient Self-Starters to successfully drive your bottom line? Fulfill your vision? Lead the way in innovation? Successfully manage your people? Take our FREE Mini Success Assessment to see how you stack up.

Why are Self-Starter Organizations So Successful?

Self-Starter organizations are crystal clear on their purpose, passionate about the work they do and powerful in the face of adversity. Self-Starter organizations are filled with optimistic, self-motivated, and creative individuals. Self-Starter organizations take powerful calculated risks and brilliantly seize opportunities. Self-Starter organizations make a positive difference in the world.

It is our experience that when organizations are not these things—in other words, not clear on their purpose, not filled with dedicated, passionate, creative individuals, not optimistically forward thinking, they will most likely experience difficulties in communication, in turnover, and in bottom line results.

Discover How Your Organization Fares in 9 Critical Success Attributes

We offer a Self-Starter Success Assessment for Organizations that reveals how you stack up in 9 Critical Success Attributes — Vision | Passion | Perseverance | Compassion | Risk-Taking | Seizing Opportunities | Self-Motivation | Creativity | Positive Thinking. When you and your team complete this assessment, we provide you with solid data on where your strengths and potential weaknesses lie.

Below is a snapshot of what the full-blown assessment looks like. We’ve chosen four critical questions for you to ponder. We consider this a mini assessment of sorts and suggest you answer the questions to yourself centering around four critical Success Attributes—Vision, Passion, Self-Motivation, and Perseverance.

Self-Starter Mini Success Assessment


What Do You See in Your Answers?

If you have any “Not at all like our company” or “Unlike our company” answers, you are seeing red flags for your future. If your answers are in the “Like our company” range, we congratulate your success in these attributes.

Regardless of your answers, we believe a full assessment, taken by your relevant teams, would provide you with valuable and action-based information.

Next Steps?

Contact us to discuss inviting your key executives, your management team, and your valued employees to participate in the 45-item Self-Starter Success Assessment for Organizations.

You won’t be sorry!

Actionable Plans for Moving Forward…

Once you and your teams have completed the assessment, you will receive a comprehensive, concise post-assessment analysis that not only brings you clarity and certainty to the data, it points to what’s most needed in your organization. You and your team end up with a powerful action plan for moving forward.

Contact Dr. Julie Miller to discuss all the possibilities!