Bringing Together the Big 3 Success Factors

In our discussions with and study of successful people and organizations, we identified nine Success Factors common to successful self-starters. And then we found out something else – three of these factors stand out and rise above the other six in importance. Here’s why:

The only way to be successful is to have a clear Vision of what success looks like.

Having – or developing – Passion creates energy and movement toward the Vision.

Perseverance keeps the energy, focus and movement on track despite obstacles.


The Big 3 Are Common Among Successful Self-starters

At a recent “Celebrating Founders” symposium at Stanford University, a panel of successful university alumni, the Big 3 Success Factors were common themes. The founder of Kiva, a peer-to-peer site for microlending, mentioned how important it is to have a strong vision to pull your forward. And in general, panelists reminded attendees to only do what they enjoy and gave examples of setbacks they faced along the way and how they persevered.

Like Your Team, the Big 3 Work Together

These Big 3 Success Factors interplay with one another to lead to individual and organizational success. What’s key is seeing how they interplay in your situation and how to make them work for you and your company together. So think about how your organizational vision engages employees to use their passion and perseverance toward a common goal.

Success Factors, Inc. has an arsenal of tools to help companies with this critical interplay and in turn, be more successful. We can help you and your employees assess where you fall on the Big 3 Success Factors, and then guide you through a plan to reach your vision, engage employees with your passion and persevere through any setbacks you encounter. Learn more here or call us at 425-485-3221.