Can You Have One Success Factor Without the Other?


Our research on successful entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs led to hammering out 9 factors they had in common – factors that helped them succeed. And we found the Big Three Success Factors of Vision, Passion and Perseverance as the most critical to star achievers.

Over the years, we’ve helped CEOS, managers, frontline staff and entire teams assess and improve their success factors. And it’s been, well, successful. But let’s take it to the next level and consider how intertwined Vision, Passion and Perseverance are in attaining our goals and achieving the highest pinnacles of success in our personal and professional lives.

Let’s review each Big Three Success Factor:

Vision: All successful endeavors begin with a vision. It’s more than a goal or affirmation – having a Vision connects your dreams and desires with a clear picture of achievement. By asking detailed questions of you or a team, we help you align inner visions with the mission and goals of your organization. Vision inspires possibilities!

Passion: Everyone is passionate about something, whether it’s a hobby, fitness, family or loyalty to one’s organization. Having passion, or a powerful purpose, ignites energy and excitement. Passions typically match a person’s core values, which brings that sense of purpose to bear, and helps employees stay engaged in their work.

Perseverance: Few successful people ever tout their luck or “how easy it really was.” Most overcame adversity and setbacks. Those who have natural perseverance step around obstacles and find alternative ways to succeed. They move through excuses and roadblocks and keep plugging along.

How Vision, Passion and Perseverance Lead to Success

Any of the Big Three Success Factors contributes to success for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, and we’ve interviewed and featured many leaders and start-up founders who stood above the crowd for their Vision, Passion or Perseverance.

But let’s look at some of the ways the Big Three Success Factors connect, and even rely on one another. First, Vision is the manifestation of a dream, an internal picture of how success looks. It’s likely a person’s inner vision is based on what he or she wants – success driven by a powerful purpose or core value. In other words, one’s Passion often factors into one’s Vision.

You can work with members of your team to create an organizational vision, but the company’s vision does not always address the inner vision of those who must carry it out. The inner vision is each individual’s clear picture of success. That often means helping individuals align their inner visions with that of the organization and seeing how well they fit. Your most engaged and successful intrapreneurs likely share core values and purposes with your company. Passion and Vision work together!

Passion, Vision and Perseverance work together! Find out how to bring the Big Three Success Factors together for a more engaged and effective team with Success Factors Inc.Net. Find out how at or call us at 425-485-3221.