Clarify Your Vision for Success

If you free up your mind to determine what you want and see for your personal or professional future, you’re on your way to creating a workable vision statement. But before you seal your vision by posting in on a wall or publishing it to others, take a minute to clarify your vision so you can write a meaningful vision statement.

The first steps you’ve taken in developing a vision for success are more free-flowing, much like brainstorming but inside your head! Once you know what you want for your future, you have to clarify what it looks like, and especially how to get there.

passion equals success

Dream big!

Many successful entrepreneurs began with a vision of owning their own company, for example. But those with passion and perseverance know that there’s more. Adding the details helps you create concrete steps and measures for reaching your vision. Here’s an example: A baseball player might have a vision of improving his batting stats, but he has to clarify that vision. What does he see himself doing differently? What’s been successful for him in the past? Can he see himself hitting the ball harder or farther? What technique and movements does he see himself doing that will ensure a hit and not a miss? Is the purpose of the vision for self-improvement, to look better for a possible trade, to help his team reach the World Series, or to get a bonus?

Recall past successes

Recall of successes is especially helpful in mapping a vision for future success. In fact, envisioning success helps individuals and companies develop effective and inspiring visions. Once you work through some of the details, take a few minutes to get back into a relaxed, free-flowing idea state to make sure you’re reaching high enough. The Alzheimer’s Association’s vision is “a world without Alzheimer’s disease.” Bravo to the association for reaching for complete eradication instead of just advocating for people who have the dementia.

Along the same lines, couldn’t our pro baseball player set his vision at “winning the World Series for my team and series MVP”?

Clarifying your vision for success, along with your life or professional purpose, can be one of the toughest steps in personal or professional development. Having a sounding board can ensure you note past successes and reach for the title or a world free of Alzheimer’s disease. Our coaches make great sounding boards, consultants and instructors. Find out how we can help you envision success by calling
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