Success Minded Leader Coaching

Why Coaching?

In an ever-changing economic environment, leaders are facing questions such as:

  • How can we create and communicate a compelling vision?
  • How do we need to lead differently than we have in the past?
  • How can we create engagement while working remotely?
  • How can we lead despite an uncertain future?
  • What is in place to ensure change will be effective?

Success-Minded Leader Coaches

Kevin Barrett

Kevin Barrett

Certified Success-Minded Leader Coach, President Success-Minded Leader/True North Professional Development

Kevin is a highly accomplished Coach and Learning and Development Professional with more than two decades of global experience in leadership development, strategic planning, and sales performance enhancement. He has a proven track record in building strong strategic and tactical partnerships at all organizational levels.

Kevin works with executives, middle managers, and individual contributors to improve decision-making, leadership skills, communication skills, conflict resolution, and change management. Kevin asks compelling questions to challenge individual perspectives/groupthink and provides constructive feedback to help lead the client to their best strategic decision. His collaborative style sets the stage for long-term positive change.

Kevin is certified in the Integral Coach Program from New Ventures West and is a graduate of the Coaching for Greater Effectiveness Program at the Center for Creative Leadership.

For Kevin, becoming a Success-Minded Leader revolves around a solid grounding in those Big Three Success Mindsets: Vision, Passion, and Perseverance with strong support from the other six key Success Mindsets.


Certified Success-Minded Leader Coach

Dr. Carol Jung is a Consulting Psychologist and expert at developing strategies to assist individuals and their companies in harnessing their potential and translating that potential into performance

With over thirty years’ experience and training, she has earned a reputation as a stellar Executive Coach through a commitment to the development of leaders who exemplify personal maturitydirectionand the requisite skills to empower and lead.

When it comes to working with the 9 Success Mindsets, clarity of purpose, courage, and a willingness to bear through challenge become critical attributes. Carol integrates her understandings of how people really change with years of experience in creating next step strategies to execute on those key competencies.

She is a member of the Society of Consulting Psychologists, American Psychological Association, and the International Society of Coaching Psychologists.


Carol Winkler, Ph.D.

Certified Success-Minded Leader Coach

For Carol, it all boils down to communication and contribution. She began her professional career as a speech pathologist, working with young children to help them learn to talk and communicate their wants and needs in a way that people could understand.

She transitioned into coaching high level executives – training them to communicate with each other, their managers, and their teams in ways that removed the barriers to breakthrough performance and released their maximum energy, creativity, and passion.

Today she works with individuals from all walks of life — from CEOs to writers to sales professionals to lawyers to software developers.

Carol believes that the ability to listen, even more than speaking, is the key that opens doors to trust, relatedness, and high performance.

Carol received her doctorate degree from the University of Texas and has completed significant research into the effects of language on personal identity.

She is highly sought-after as a coach and facilitator and has led personal and professional development seminars to thousands of individuals.

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