Develop Employees Who Have Grit

As I’ve interviewed self-starters to identify factors for their success, three critical factors clearly emerged: passion, perseverance and vision. Even though we’ve worked hard to help individual leaders and employees assess these factors in themselves, we also emphasize that no single factor leads to success on its own. When people learn how to connect the three critical factors, they’re destined for breakthrough success for themselves and their organization.

Not everyone has grit, or perseverance. It’s why people often fail in exercise or diet goals, and why many employees see a small setback for their team as permanent. But those who persevere see setbacks as opportunities. Combine passion, or commitment, with perseverance and you’ve got…true grit.

Power of Passion and Perseverance

Psychologist Angela Duckworth has delved into success traits in her book The Power of Passion and Perseverance. Duckworth studied cadets at West Point Academy to try and predict who would most likely survive the cadets’ toughest summer training program. She found that those with higher scores in grit most likely endured.

Over the years, Duckworth’s studies have found that having the combination of commitment to goals and the ability to stick with those goals through adversity was more likely to indicate future success than were traditional measures of leadership or intelligence. Like our successful self-starters, the people Duckworth has found to have the most grit love what they do, but mostly when it has a broader purpose.


Give Employees Tools to Succeed

If you find that you can’t identify your employees who have grit, or they seem to persevere but lack direction, the best approach is to provide the tools they need to succeed. For example, the other critical success factor is vision. So you might have a committed, persevering employee who can only go so far because he or she lacks knowledge of the vision you have for team or company success.

It is possible to develop employees with grit and help them succeed for the greater good of your company’s projects, sales, mission and bottom line. This usually starts with self-assessment and self-directed learning. Success Factors Inc. helps guide employees through the assessment and coached project planning. An organization’s leaders can better spot employees with grit as the program progresses.

And if you’ve got star staff who might not score highly on passion and perseverance, not to worry. Duckworth says that anyone can improve their grit with practice. By choosing one tough task ourselves and deliberately persevering for a preset amount of time, any of us can gain a little more grit and a lot of confidence.

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