Does Your Vision Align with Your Company’s?

In my e-newsletter this week—please feel free to sign up by clicking this link –I wrote about how employers can show appreciation for their employees.

Now, I want to talk about your obligation to your employer. And, that is to become crystal clear about your vision for your future, for your life, for your career. Where do you want to go in your life? What is the future you want to enjoy? Does it involve the current company you work for? What does that mental picture look like? Could you draw it out or explain it in detail?Spending Too Much Time Planning

Once you have written it out, talked it through, ask yourself: How does my vision align with the company’s vision? Am I in alignment with what my employers, the company wants to accomplish? If that is yes, you’re golden.

If that is a “no,” reexamine your priorities, fine-tune your skill sets and go forth. Ignite the self-starter within!