Engage Employees from the Inside Out

Unemployment is low, and in some industries, it’s tough to find workers with specialized skills and education. It can be even harder to retain top talent and those who show success factor traits. One way to keep valued employees engaged is to motivate them from the inside out, or by using intrinsic motivation.

In other words, perks like bonuses and salary increases can help retain employees, but it takes more to really engage them, keeping them interested, motivated and passionate about their jobs. Here are a few ways to keep valued workers engaged and on the road to personal – and therefore organizational – success:

Feed their knowledge. Many valued managers and workers want to learn — more about your company, industry or even how to manage. And with knowledge comes confidence and passion. In other words, if an employee shows interest in a product, project or developing a new skill, cultivating that interest can lead to renewed passion for their work and add to your team or company success. If you balk at the cost of reimbursing employees for tuition, sending them to appropriate conferences or providing training like our Fast Track to Success program, consider the cost of losing an employee. Aside from the expenses related to turnover, you lose intangible value, such as the passion and desire the employee demonstrated.

Empower them with responsibility. Your best employees want to feel like they are part of the success of your organization. They don’t want to feel like a powerless cog in the wheel, but instead want to help improve how the wheel turns! Empower employees to make some decisions without constant scrutiny, and they will reward you with an engaged passion for their work, resulting in new ideas and improved motivation and attitude.

Recognize achievement. You don’t need formal employee recognition programs to recognize small and large successes. Sometimes, just stopping by to tell an employee he or she did a great job on a recent task or project is all the motivation that employee needs to feel valued and stay engaged in their work. Often, by making a habit of telling people they are doing a good job (without going overboard and seeming insincere), managers can have the most dedicated and successful teams. You also can recognize employee efforts by telling others about their achievements or simply by pointing out to the employee how their decision/actions positively affected the company’s goals and bottom line.

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