Every Self-Starter’s Dream: Making French Cheese in Nepal?

Francois Driard, a Parisian, presently lives in Nepal where he’s setting his small community on fire with his gorgeous French cheeses. Crowned, “The Cheese King of Katmandu,” his story is interesting. After graduating from business school in France, he found he disliked working in an office. So he chose to return to Nepal to live, a place he had visited on summer vacations since he was 18.

An idea bloomed as he observed that more and more Western products were coming to the grocery stores. He decided that he had all the requisite items needed: a farmhouse, cows, and grazing land–to make cheese. But how to do that when you have no training? Answer: Return to France and start asking questions of cheese makers! And thus began his cheese making in Nepal. To read more of Mark Magnier’s article in the Los Angeles Times, click here.

His self-starter traititude is perseverance.

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