Failure Is No Obstacle for Self-Starters


Self-starters know what many who give up might not get – failure is part of success. Geoffrey Stack of Chicago manages a billion-dollar real estate venture and has never lacked tenacity: “You can’t get discouraged and quit,” says Stack. “You just have to say, ‘Okay, let’s start again.’”

Although passion and vision help self-starters work their way toward their plans and dreams, it’s how they handle inevitable setbacks that really makes them successful. That’s where perseverance and taking risks step up to the plate and keep a self-starter plugging along when others might give up. The less successful have trouble adapting, maybe because their dream isn’t going exactly as they planned or their business will take longer to turn a reasonable profit than they had hoped. A self-starter finds a way to adapt his or her plan.

Here are a few tips for forcing failure’s hand:

  • Learn from mistakes, but move on. Dwelling on a failure makes it bigger than it is. Some things are simply beyond our control; one of these is the past. Even if you contributed to the failure, you don’t get a “do-over.” Make up for it next time.
  • Don’t take failure as an excuse to give up. Look at it as a reason to draw on other skills you have, seek some advice, and try again.
  • Quit comparing yourself to others. You hear more about instant successes, but most self-starters faced plenty of failures before they succeeded.