Five Tips for Promoting Positive Thinking

Five Tips for Promoting Positive Thinking

optimismIt’s always easier to start out the year positive and then drop off. That’s evidenced by the many good intentions of people who start diets and other personal resolutions each year. Now that we are in Q2, how is your strategy working to promote positive thinking all year long in yourself and your employees, or even at home? Here are a few tips to keep you going:

1.            Surround yourself with positive people and avoid cynics. You don’t have to start dumping friends or family members, but you can reapportion your time to spend more with the positive people already in your life. And add a few more, even virtually through social media. At work or in business encounters, try to avoid negative, cynical people and gravitate toward upbeat colleagues.

2.            Set achievable goals. Sure, you’d like to make a million dollars this year. Wouldn’t everyone? But you will remain positive if you set reachable goals based on a little research. Setting unrealistic goals just leads to frustration or disappointment.

3.            Celebrate achievements. With realistic goals, you’ll likely have a few achievements. Did you reach your quarterly sales goals? Add a new and important client? Then celebrate. If you want to promote that positive feeling, be sure to celebrate the achievement of those around you.

4.            Focus on good times. Even if you don’t have measurable achievements, you can focus on positive thoughts, not the negative ones. For example, you might not have landed the client you went after, but you were in the top two. Or maybe you added three other small clients who could refer new business to you if you do a great job for them.

5.            Stay out of pity traps. When several glitches occur in a row, it’s easy to fall into a negativity or pity trap: “I’m not cut out for this,” or “The world is against me.” Fight that inclination with all you’ve got. Most self-starters have endured rough patches, only to find good times ahead.