Follow this Japanese Proverb for Success

A clear vision of success is critical for any individual or company to succeed. It underlies purpose, strategy and values.

Executives, managers and individual employees need to be clear on the company vision and values, letting them guide decisions, engagement and consistent operations and priorities.

Most of all, a vision is more than some words on an internal memo or graphic. And this Japanese proverb sums up just how critical a vision is to success:

Vision without action is daydream

Action without vision is nightmare

Although this historical quotation speaks for itself, let’s break it down:

Any individual, team or organization can have a vision. But without a plan to reach the vision, and especially acting on the plan, the vision really is just a daydream, a wish. Successful self-starters put their vision to work. And the other big two success factors, passion and perseverance, help turn vision into action. For example, passion inspires, and having a passionate vision energizes. When employees share the passion for your work and vision, they remain more engaged and ultimately more successful. And it’s important to persevere when faced with obstacles or setbacks. Perseverance sets a person or team back on track.

Of course, what track do you jump back onto if you have no vision or direction?

Action without a vision leaves you rudderless, without direction. It’s like wandering in circles, with no end goal in site. You might have small successes, but likely will face more setbacks. Taking time to develop a vision statement paves the way for steady progress. A clear vision also provides a point at which leaders, managers and employees can refocus.

At Success Factors Inc., we help leaders and teams craft a vision for successful initiatives and develop a Success Strategy and Milestone Timeline, helping to maintain a vision for all actions and outline planned steps, or actions, to achieve the vision for an initiative.

Find out how you can create a passionate vision for project, individual or organization success from Success Factors Inc. And most importantly, let us help coach you and your team on the actions that bring your vision to life.

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