Gallup Poll results are In! $550 B

Savvy employers understand that their best-performing employees are engaged, but do employees perceive engagement the same way that managers see it? According to Brian Solis, principal analyst with Altimeter Group in San Francisco and author of “What’s the Future of Business,” there’s a substantial gap between actual employee engagement and just how effective executives perceive their engagement programs to be.

Solis says that a recent Gallup poll reported that actively disengaged employees could cost organizations as much as $550 billion in lost productivity.

That’s reason enough to address the gap. Talent managers and executives also need to address engagement to retain and motivate their top performers,

those potential self-starters.

In a survey Solis completed with Jostle Corporation, executives ranked employee engagement as a high company priority, but aren’t necessarily following through, at least according to the companies’ employees. One of the reasons, according to Solis, is that employees did not feel their work mattered. And more than one-fourth of employees reported that their company culture was dysfunctional.

Executives and managers need to make sure employees understand and feel a part of the organization’s mission and that executives are positive about their company culture and employees’ role in the organization. Recognizing and correcting the engagement gap with new tools and approaches could go a long way in helping all employees perform better; managers also need to identify, coach and empower self-starters.