How Do You Get Your Vision Out of Your Head?

Sure, some people are more creative than the rest of us. But we all have ideas. Ideas often come to us at strange times, and we might rush to write them down before we forget. But an idea in your head, or even written down, goes no further than the piece of paper without a vision.

You’re not likely to forget a vision that you’re passionate about. It’s stronger, and much more a purpose than a notion. A vision looks to the future. Still, writing a vision statement will help you clarify your vision.

Young Businessman Thinking and Wondering While Writing a Paper

From mind to meaning

So, how do you move from the ideas in your mind to a vision? It’s not so tough; you just need to spend a little time in your own head. First, take a break from stressors and take care of yourself. Work on your vision in the middle of the weekend, for example, or right after your nightly run. This frees your mind to focus on what you want and see in your future, not what you have to get done before the weekend.

Ask yourself questions such as, “What would I like to do in my life (or in my career)?”or “How do I see myself living in 10 years (do I have a family, have I moved, or am I retired?)”

Also: “What makes me happy?” and “Is my current life/job aligned with what makes me happiest?”

Write it down

You do need to write down (or type…) answers to some of these questions to help clarify your vision, and especially to create the basis for how you move from the current state to the future status that’s so clear in your vision. It helps to revisit the answers to your questions in a week or so, when also in a relaxed state. Look for patterns, such as financial stability or improvement, or alignment of work with personal values.

Seeing your inner vision and taking small steps takes the pressure off, with less focus on the process of creating a vision and more emphasis on what’s really going on inside your head.

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