Hit the Self-Starter Button!

Two articles came out recently that are a tad discouraging. One, by Sara Murray of the Wall Street Journal, talks about how women trail men in job recovery. This not-so-robust recovery has not been kind to women. Men seem to be faring far better from this “man-cession” (dubbed by some because of the vast number of men who lost their jobs). Cuts that occurred in state and local government are where women have taken the biggest hit.

A column in The Seattle Times by David Brooks comes at this slow recovery from a different point of view citing that one-fifth of the workforce is not working. Stunning statistics state that “in 1954 about 96 percent of men worked, today that number is around 80 percent.”

I think government programs are not the only answer. Folks have to dig deeper into their inner core, pull out those traititudes, examine them, and get going. They need to take the next steps towards their goal.