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The 9 Success Mindsets (vision, passion, perseverance, creativity, compassion, risk-taking, self-motivation, seizing opportunities, and positive thinking) can thrive and flourish. In such an atmosphere, leaders and those they lead become engaged, self-directed, innovative, and accountable. They routinely and consistently produce remarkable results.

The 9 Success Mindsets are research-proven and market-tested to drive rapid, sustainable growth, and unlock limitless potential. They are an integral element in the Success-Minded Leader Programs.

We grow the people who grow your business!

Our Guiding Principles

  • Growth and development are not only possible, they are a natural function of life.
  • The 9 Success Mindsets are critical to success and the source of extraordinary results fulfilled visions and joyful lives.
  • Learning and growing should be fun and engaging.
  • Inspiring, deep conversation lifts and transforms individuals and businesses.
  • People are capable of change; traits and abilities are not fixed nor unalterable.
  • People can reach their potential to experience happier and more successful careers.
  • Self-reflection is an essential habit for Success-Minded Leaders.


Our Success-Minded Leader team brings decades of business acumen to the company, having consulted, trained and coached at all levels (from CEO to individual contributor) with wide-ranging sizes and types of business (startups to established Fortune 500 companies).

Meet Kevin Barrett

Kevin has a clear take on what individuals and companies need to thrive and flourish for success. He knows that having employees integrate the 9 Success Mindsets into their daily routines, contributes to high performance, inspired and engaged workplaces, and increased bottom-line profits.

Kevin is a highly accomplished Leadership Coach and Learning and Development Professional with more than two decades of global experience in leadership development, strategic planning, and sales performance enhancement. He has a proven track record in building strong strategic and tactical partnerships at all organizational levels.

Kevin’s coaching clients include executives, business owners, middle managers, and individual contributors. He works with them to improve decision-making, leadership skills, communication skills, conflict resolution, and change management.

Kevin asks compelling questions to challenge individual perspectives/groupthink and provides constructive feedback to help lead the client to their best strategic decision. His collaborative style sets the stage for long-term positive change.

Kevin is certified in the Integral Coach Program from New Ventures West and is a graduate of the Coaching for Greater Effectiveness Program at the Center for Creative Leadership. He is the owner and a certified coach for the Success-Minded Leader coaching programs.

Success-Minded Leader is a division of True North Professional Development LLC.

Kevin Barrett - Leadership Coach and President, True North Professional Development LLC

Our Founder and Contributing Advisor

Dr. Julie Miller brings three decades of business acumen to Success-Minded Leader. She has consulted, trained, and coached CEOs, Executives and individual contributors, in Fortune 500 businesses and startups.

Dr. Miller’s extensive research with hundreds of leaders at the top of their field to understand the essence of how they succeed lead to her book, Secrets of Self-Starters: 48 Amazing Stories to Ignite the Self-Starter in YOU!, the foundation for our Success-Minded Leader programs.

Dr. Miller earned her doctorate in Leadership Studies at Seattle University and undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Southern California.

Julie is a contributing advisor to Success-Minded Leader.

Dr. Julie Miller, Founder and Contributing Advisor
Dr. Julie Miller, Founder and Contributing Advisor

"Kevin is one of the best executive coaches that I have had the opportunity to work with, and that I highly recommend, if your company is in need of a turnaround or just needs to take its performance to the next level."

~ Senior Director of Sales and General Manager
Mark Dahlquist
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