The BIG Three Success Mindsets

The first three of the 9 Success Mindsets are what we call the BIG Three Success Mindsets. They are the foundational, critical components that determine whether you will be successful in any area of your life, your career or any project you undertake. They are essential for high performance. They help create direction in life and in work. Besides these three, six more Success Mindsets support the BIG Three. Scroll down to learn more.

Below, Dr. Julie Miller presents a brief overview of the BIG Three: Vision, Passion, and Perseverance.

Vision inspires possibilities.

Vision gives you direction, farsightedness, intention. Hear Dr. Julie discuss this key Success Mindset.


Passion ignites energy.

Passion brings forth commitment and engagement, enthusiasm and zeal. Dr. Julie discusses this essential Success Mindset.


Perseverance eclipses adversity.

Perseverance is the most important of the BIG Three Success Mindsets. Contact us to learn how you can bring Dr. Julie on-site to motivate, inspire or facilitate! Learn more.


Plus, these six other key Success Mindsets are covered in our programs.

Positive Thinking





Seizing Opportunities

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