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Dr. Julie Miller

Our Founder, Dr. Julie Miller brings three decades of business acumen to Success Minded Leader. Having consulted, trained and coached at all levels (from CEO to individual contributor) with wide-ranging sizes and types of business (startups to established Fortune 500 companies) Dr. Miller has a bird’s eye view on corporate America.

Dr. Miller is clear on what it takes to be successful–-on what individuals and companies need in order to thrive and flourish.

She knows that when employees are infused with what she has termed from her extensive research, Success Mindsets high performance, enhanced leadership skills, and increased bottom line profits are natural byproducts.

Dr. Miller’s experience coupled with her strong academic background and exceptional reputation for quality makes Success-Minded Leader a company you can count on. Growing people who grow your business is what Success Minded Leader is all about. A sought-after speaker, trainer, coach, Dr. Julie’s high-energy keynotes and high performance results win rave reviews across all industries and organization levels.

Dr. Julie has an extensive client list that includes: Microsoft, Costco, Starbucks, Cathay Bank, Kiewit Construction, Kenworth Trucks, Wells Fargo, Bank of the West, City of Seattle, Washington State’s Office of the Attorney General, New York Life, Freddie Mac, Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Reserve Bank, Costco and Expedia.

She has received numerous awards for her business acumen and contribution to the community, such as the Women Business Owners (WBO) Excellence Award; Helen Thayer Woman of the Year Award; twice-voted Volunteer of the Year Award for her work with the YMCA. Locally, she is involved in the Bellevue Rotary and IWF (International Women’s Forum). She has served for the past twelve years on various boards at the University of Southern California (her alma mater). She is the immediate past board-chair for the Trustee Board of Cascadia College. Additionally, she is currently serving as board president for the Bellevue Arts Museum. She also sits on two advisory boards for entrepreneurs. Dr. Miller calls Seattle home.

She recently released Secrets of Self-Starters: 48 Amazing Stories to Ignite the Self-Starter in YOU!  She also penned the nationally best-selling book, Business Writing That Counts!now in its seventh printing.

Praise for Dr. Julie Miller

Dr. Julie Miller presented her program at our educators’ conference. I attended where she presented a tailored version of her Success Factors to our group.  I was especially pleased that there were personal developmental elements included in this conference as well as time for work groups to utilize the important information she shared with us.  She is an engaging speaker with first-hand knowledge of how our personal attitudes toward success impact our work groups.  Even thought I was the only one who came from my organization, I left with a renewed personal commitment to my work and items to share with my staff that energized them immediately to raise the bar in their work.  I  highly recommend her for team building that will improve morale and focus and transform ‘work’ into a desired place to experience success.
—Lynn, Director, Columbia Basin College

If you are looking for a seasoned facilitator and dynamic speaker, I would highly recommend Dr. Julie Miller. She presented a fun and thought-provoking program dealing with leadership and promoting change. I received numerous compliments about her program.
Rhonda, Lake Washington Institute of Technology

“. . . thank you for the lovely talk you gave at the Harbor Club on Wednesday.  I learned so much and I know it will really aid me in jump starting my work.”
— Judy, Training in Power Academy

Thank you so much for the inspirational talk and giving me the opportunity to pick myself up again and refocus on what I must do to realize my vision.  I hope I will be lucky enough to see you again in the near future!
— Cheuk Law Group, LLP

Dr. Miller was a very motivational speaker. Julie’s enthusiasm and energy is infectious.
—Walt, Cathay Bank

Dr. Julie Miller has amazing stories to share that really motivate you to move forward–enthusiastically.
—Cheryl, City National Bank

Made me really look at where I am right now and re-evaluate my tomorrow. This made me want to create an action plan and go about it. Thank you!! And may you inspire and touch more people’s lives!
—Mario, Intellectual ventures

This was an eye opener. By learning something new about myself, I expect to be a better person, a better employee and achieve my goal to go for the next level, earn the respect of my manager and my peers. Thanks Dr. Julie!
—David, Bank of the West

Thank you for your speech this morning at the Chamber. It is always great to get a “kick-in-the-pants” first thing in the morning that will motivate me to the next level in my business!

“You were one of my favorite speakers this year, because I love your energy.  Your enthusiasm for life is amazing and I like the tools you use.  Vision, passion and perseverance were such good words to share.  I believe that study was correct and these are certainly the keys to me having success in anything this year.  Perseverance is something that happens daily, even when I don’t feel like it.  Those small changes add up to big ones.  Thank you for presenting to our group and inspiring us going forward.  Many of us are living with uncertainty around our jobs and I find that your presentation helped me to remember who I am and that I don’t end with this job.”
—Joanne, Boeing

“Dr. Miller’s presentation shared her stories about some of the most creative and successful self-starters in the world. She is one of the most genuine speakers I have ever had the pleasure to learn from. Within the first three minutes, her vision was clear and with every preceding question, she strengthened that message. If you want to learn how to create your own unique story, Dr. Julie Miller should be the first person you call.”
—Kevin R, Booz Allen Hamilton

Julie inspires audiences to be more successful and encourages innovation.  She provides a clear system to guide people to their full potential.  Her enthusiasm telling the stories of successful people brings the system to life.
—Kathy C, City University of Seattle

You did a fabulous job!  I got many compliments. The participants loved your positive enthusiasm.
—Monta F, Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Wow! You knocked it out of the park my friend. Thank you so much for making the 10th annual USC Women’s Conference an anniversary we’ll never forget. I am truly thankful for your passion and energy and for perfectly launching the conference with your wisdom.
Danielle Harvey Stinson, Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations | University of Southern California

"If you are looking for a seasoned facilitator and dynamic speaker, I would highly recommend Dr. Julie Miller. She presented a fun and thought-provoking program dealing with leadership and promoting change. I received numerous compliments about her program."
- Rhonda, Lake Washington Institute of Technology

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