The 9 Success Mindsets

Success Made Accessible – The 9 Success Mindsets

A mindset is a fixed attitude that predetermines a person’s responses to a situation. Your mindset determines which course of action you take.  If your mindset is creating and acting on a vision for your life and career, you will achieve the results and success you envision.

Success-Minded Leaders hold a particular set of mindsets that they utilize to achieve results. In organizations and in life, Success-Minded Leaders get things done. They’re the master achievers. They’re creative, bold, powerful, and passionate.

Success-Minded Leaders are the people you go to when you need something accomplished, now. They see needs and they fill them. They don’t wait for permission, and they don’t need supervision. They operate effectively on their own, as well as in groups.

Our extensive research has shown that Success-Minded Leaders utilize nine distinct and powerful “Success Mindsets” – in their own unique combinations.

The 9 Success Mindsets

“The BIG Three” Success Mindsets

The first three of the 9 Success Mindsets, Vision, Passion and Perseverance are what we call “The BIG Three”. They are the foundational, critical components that determine whether you will be successful in any area of your life, your career, any team you lead, or any project you undertake. They are essential for high performance

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Learn About “The Big Three” Success Mindsets

The Big Three

And the Remaining Six Success Mindsets:

Seizing Opportunities
Positive Thinking