Success Mindsets

Success Mindset Interviews and “Secrets of Self-Starters”

In 2009, while American businesses were languishing in a recession, Dr. Julie Miller observed that there were those who were thriving despite the hard times. Dr. Miller’s curiosity led her to find out why.

Over the next two years, she researched hundreds of these success stories across the country and interviewed the amazing, thriving individuals behind the success. She came to call these individuals “Self-Starters.” From her research with these Self-Starters — who encompassed a variety of ages, ethnicities and careers— she discovered a consistent and recurring set of nine success mindsets.

Nine Success Mindsets

During her study, Dr. Julie discovered nine Success Mindsets that consistently bubbled up in the interviews she conducted. These “Self-Starters”, as she termed them, reliably utilize one or more of these mindsets to rocket themselves to success. This holds true whether it’s an individual contributor or an entire company.

Dr. Julie Miller wrote a book based on her research, called Secrets of Self-Starters: 48 Stories to Ignite the Self-Starter in YOU! It is available for purchase in audio book or ebook formats.

Mindset Defined

A mindset is a fixed attitude towards an idea. A mindset can determine your response to a situation. In turn, you behave in a  way that drives action.

To explain, if you have a mindset that creating and acting on a vision (one of the nine) for your career is a good thing, you will march forward with that vision toward success. Self-starters hold a particular set of mindsets that they utilize to achieve results.

In organizations and in life, Self-Starters are the ones who get things done. They’re the master achievers and the ones who fulfill on audacious visions. They’re creative, bold, powerful, and passionate.

Self-Starters are the ones you go to when you need something accomplished, now. Self-Starters see needs and they fill them. They don’t wait for permission, and they don’t need supervision. They operate effectively on their own as well as in groups.

Being a Self-Starter is not a personality style. Rather, it’s a way of being, a way of operating in life. Self-Starters utilize – in unique combinations – nine distinct and powerful “mindsets of success.”

The “Big Three” Success Mindsets

The first three of the 9 Success Mindsets are what we call “The Big Three”, because they are essential for high performance. Watch Dr. Julie Miller presents a brief overview of the BIG Three: Vision, Passion, and Perseverance.

Success Mindsets
Our Founder, Dr. Julie Miller
Secrets of Self-Starters
Secrets of Self-Starters by Dr. Julie Miller

The Nine Success Mindsets of a Self-Starter

Visionary Visionaries have a clear picture in their mind of what they want to attain, create, become, achieve.
Persevering Persevering people work toward their goals and vision regardless of obstacles and discouragements that block their way.
Passionate Passionate people follow their bliss and do what they love to do.
Seizes Opportunities People who seize opportunities go after what they want; they say “yes” to opportunities even when they don’t know how to accomplish them.
Self-Motivated Self-motivated people do not need encouragement or supervision to accomplish their goals and fulfill their dreams.
Risk-Taker Risk-takers frequently “step out on a limb” to accomplish what they want or to try something new.
Creative Creative people are masterful at thinking “outside the box.”
Compassionate People who are compassionate are clear that their life must be about making a difference in a powerful and positive way.
Positive Thinker Positive thinkers believe in a positive future and refuse to dwell in negative thinking.


To be a successful Self-Starter does not mean one must be strong in all nine, but one must be strong in some of them. The unique combination of Success Mindsets will ultimately tell the story of how each individual functions most powerfully in the world.