How Do YOU Define Success?

In its most basic definition, success is achieving something you wanted, planned or attempted. But over years of working with self-starters, managers and their teams, we’ve learned that everyone defines success differently.

One of the first steps in our Fast Track to Success program is to help you and your employees spot the words and concepts related to defining success that most apply to you. Fast tracking to individual, team and company-wide success requires that you first define what success looks like. If you want your folks to work together toward a common vision and persevere during setbacks, you must define what success looks like.

For example, an entire basketball team wants to win, so including “winning” in the definition helps. But do you consider winning only a single game, a conference, the national championship? And if your team went 1 and 16 last season, do you adjust your definition of success accordingly?

Likewise, your team relies on the individuals within it. What if success for one player is making 90 percent of his or her free throws? And doesn’t achieving success at the free-throw line contribute to the entire team’s success?

When we help Fast Track to Success participants get started, we first explore how you see and feel success and the words or attributes that come to mind when creating your own personal definition of success. We work with people at various organizational or responsibility levels in your company to model their own definition of success and find a clear vision for how they contribute to team and company success.

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