How do you feel about a long engagement?

Long engagements bring to mind forged and lasting relationships, caution and a thoughtful approach to a lasting partnership. Hmmm… what works for couples probably works for your employer-employee relationships.

When you hear about “engaging” employees, do you assign an HR person to come up with an event, or perhaps bring back the lunchroom suggestion box? Those might help improve communication, but engagement is a change

engagement ring

in culture and, dare I say, a long-term commitment.

We’ve learned from self-starters, who can be your organization’s top performers, that they’re self-motivated people who seize opportunities. If you have a culture of top-down communication and heavily hierarchical decision-making and involvement, it will be tough for self-starters to seize many opportunities.

Engaged employees find their work interesting and meaningful. If there is little meaning to the work, they probably find little challenge and eventually seek meaning elsewhere. As an employer, don’t you want to retain the employees who look for meaning in their work, even if it means a long-term revamp of your culture? Start looking at long-term solutions to engage – and retain – your top performers.