How Self-Starters Control Their Own Destiny

How Self-Starters Control Their Own DestinyAt 29, Vicki Gunvalson was single with two children, no education and no child support. One day while buying life insurance, she asked the agent how much he made selling her the policy. His answer of $600 led her straight to getting an insurance license, and four months later, she launched what has become a very lucrative insurance and financial services company. Today she employs about 700 agents.

Vicki says life is like a stoplight. You stop, you go. But you don’t stop and wait forever. “Don’t wait for anybody else to get you what you want,” she said. “Do it yourself. Control your own destiny. See where there’s need and go for it. That’s the definition of a Self-Starter!”

What step will you take today to control your destiny? Will you share it with us?