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Where Do YOU Stand Relative to YOUR Unique Success Attributes?

Discover how you stack up as a Self-Starter! What are your most powerful strengths? How do you score on each of the 9 Success Attributes? Take our Full Self-Starter Success Assessment and find out!

Here is a sampling of the kind of questions you’ll be asked:

  • Vision
    Do you have a clear picture in your mind of what you want to achieve in life and who you want to become?
  • Perseverance
    Are you reliable for ‘staying the course’ and doing what it takes to achieve your goals and fulfill your commitments?
  • Passion
    Do you have a powerful purpose in life that excites and energizes you?

PLUS additional questions on the remaining Success Attributes: Seizing Opportunities, Self-Motivation, Risk-Taking, Creativity, Compassion, and Positive Thinking

Ignite the Self-Starter in YOU . . . Be the success you’ve always dreamed about!

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Purchase an Full Self-Starter Success Assessment: Learn More About Yourself as a Self-Starter

Once you take the FREE Self-Starter Success Assessment, you may desire a more thorough analysis of who you are as a Self-Starter. Gain more information about your Core Success Attributes and how you can use them to lead the life you most desire.

For $12.95, you will receive a detailed and comprehensive 25+-page report based on your answers to the 75 items in the Full Self-Starter Success Assessment.

Reap Insightful Benefits from the Full Self-Starter Success Assessment

  • A rank ordering and graphical look at each of your 9 Success Attribute scores.
  • An examination into your ‘Core Success Attributes’ — your strongest three Success Attributes.
  • Inspiring words of wisdom from bona fide Self-Starters on your Core Success Attributes.
  • Cautions on how your Core Success Attributes can potentially backfire on you.
  • Specific suggestions on how to take your Core Success Attributes to the next level.
  • Your ‘Supporting Cast’ of Success Attributes and what they reveal about you.

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