How Important is Employee Perseverance?

Of the Big 3 Success Factors we’ve identified, Perseverance is one of the most critical to have in individuals throughout your organization. Perseverance doesn’t outrank Vision and Passion, but it’s much easier (with some guidance) to help a person and team create a vision and identify their passion than it is to teach what amounts to an innate characteristic.

That doesn’t mean you can’t foster perseverance in a team member. First, however, you need to take a few important steps. Among those is finding the people in your organization who tend to persevere in the face of adversity.

How to Spot Perseverance

There are a few ways to spot a person who perseveres: This is the individual who models self-discipline, even during the most trying times. You’ll see a focus and level of productivity that exceeds the norm, even when the employee faces personal or work-related adversity. And the focus is internal; you don’t have to remind this team member of the need to move forward. In fact, people with innate perseverance typically encourage others.

Use an Assessment Tool

Since you and your managers can’t be everywhere to monitor for people with this success factor, we can help! The Miller Success Factors Assessment (MSFA) provides a score on a continuum to easily see how one currently perseveres in the face of adversity. And for everyone, even those low on the continuum, we can help explore what sorts of setbacks make it more difficult for you and your employees to stay focused and work toward a shared vision. We also offer case studies and explore common or individual excuses for giving up, along with envisioning how persevering looks and feels.

Find out more about the MSFA and how to complete it, along with the Fast Track to Success program. Visit our website  or call us at 425-485-3221.