Speaking of intra-preneurs–those self-starters within the corporate government who “go with an idea”–Michelle Gass at Starbucks is a perfect example. The Seattle Times ran an article on this superstar in Sunday’s paper (May 22, 2011). Two thoughts come to mind. First, a shout-out to Howard Schultz, who recognized her talent and promoted her. She said about Schultz, “We were courageous and disruptive. I felt unleashed, with his energy and vision and willingness to be courageous . . . For me . . . this was going to be a ride.”

Second, hats off to Michelle Gass for taking a product and making it shine. In this case, it was the revisioning of, at that time, the lowly frappuccino. The result? Sales from this drink account for twenty percent of Starbucks’ sales. How’s that for a self-starter?!

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