Invest in Your Company

Investments are important news as we begin 2018 and continue to break records. I’ve got some ideas about how you can make your earnings grow more in the long term: Invest in your success by investing in yourself and your people.

There’s been no better time in recent years to set money aside to ensure your company’s long-term success. Investing in your vision, and especially your people, makes good business sense. Here are a few ways to invest in success in 2018:

Refine your vision. Is your company now ready to use some earnings for long-awaited expansion of space, product lines or other services? If so, you might need to take another look at your Vision and include key players. Remember, vision inspires possibilities!

Assess employee skills and success factors. Don’t wait for hard times to reassess your staffing or seek new talent to balance your team. This is the time to assess managers and other employees, especially those who show potential, to identify their key strengths. The Miller Success Factors Assessment helps employees and organizations better understand their strengths and talents in detail.

Establish trust and feedback. Mutual trust is critical within an organization. Employees need to trust managers, and leadership should trust employees to do their jobs. It helps when employees receive timely feedback about their performance and when they feel safe and comfortable giving feedback to improve the organization.

Pay for professional development. Once you identify employees with high potential for success, invest in them directly. Motivated self-starters often invest in themselves, but when their organization invests in them, it breeds increased loyalty. It’s worth your while to spend a little time and money to improve the desired skills of all individuals in your organization. It will really pay off to invest in star employees. We’ve found, for example, that participating in our Fast Track to Success! program reduces turnover by energizing and inspiring employees who want to stay and see your vision through.

When you invest in your vision and people, you lay the groundwork for a path to success. Let Success Factors Inc. help you invest in the future. Learn more about how we can make your investment in your organization pay off on our  website or by calling us at 425-485-3221.