Is There a Formula for a Self-Starter?

I recently gave a speech to a group of women business owners on the topic of self-starters. Someone from the audience called out, was there a formula for self-starters? Before I could answer, she did! She was certain she knew that formula. “Sure,” she said, “it’s first-born children who are extroverted with a high intuition score.”

I beg to differ! Not only in my interviews with 100 self-starters or in my doctoral studies on leaders did I find the perfect formula. I asked the audience member to check out the back of my book, Secrets of Self-Starters, and view the grid. There she will find that orphans, only children, last borns and everything in between make self-starters. 

I will say that I do believe the nine traititudes listed at the top of this blog give you a leg up towards reaching your goals, living the life you want.

My purpose is to create a community of self-starters willing to share their stories. Won’t you join me?

What do you think? What self-starters do you know? Let’s continue the conversation.