Kung Fu Panda: A Self-Starter!

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend how many of you watched the Disney movie, Kung Fu Panda? It is an adorable movie and really a study in perserverance and vision–both Self-Starter traititudes!

Briefly, it’s the story of a panda who dreamt of becoming a Kung Fu master. He studied all the moves, all the leaders in the field, all the requisite rituals, and icons. Then he is thrown–quite literally–into the role. He’s fat, out of shape, naive but, as Po says, “I will never give up! Po has it all.” And he succeeds because he has a vision of what he wants to achieve and the determination not to quit, no matter how tough it gets.

What about you? What movie stars are examples of Self-Starter traititudes? Would love to read your thoughts.