Learn How to Roll with Rejection

By nature, successful self-starters receive much of their motivation from within, and typically have a refined inner vision. They’re positive people who take risks. Still, rejection can be a powerful force that can knock down the best of us, whether we’re rejected in personal matters or in the business world.

A few industries in particular expose hard workers to repeated rejection. Think of acting, the music business and authorship. But select people make it anyway, mostly because they persevere. In the business world, a positive approach helps managers and employees focus on the reason for the rejection or setback, which often has nothing to do with the individual’s skills or ideas, and certainly isn’t personal.

Rolling with rejection means realizing that having doors slammed in your face or receiving “no thank you” letters usually has more to do with timing, the business or the pure volume of requests (how many people do you know who bang away at the “perfect mystery novel” on weekends?)

Sure, there are times when you’re passed over for a promotion or to participate on a pet project. Look at these as learning opportunities and added incentive to succeed the next time. Those who persevere remain motivated, even learning from setbacks, and continue to step out on a limb. They say “yes” when those with fear hesitate or say, “no.”

And if you lead a team or own a business, you want to encourage perseverance when you spot the trait in a manager or frontline employee. People who show the quality of rolling with rejection can help your business succeed when inevitable factors such as new competition or changing supply and demand affect your product or service success.

You can assess your own and your employees’ tendency to roll with rejection through our self-assessment. We’ll also help you polish your perseverance or boost the skills in key players from your organization. Find out more about our Miller Success Factors Assessment  or give us a call at 425-485-3221