Looking Inside the Box Can Be One Ticket to Creativity!

Looking Inside the Box Can Be One Ticket to CreativityWe all have moments, even days, when creativity eludes us. We’re bored, stumped, and probably playing it safe. Try something new! Take a risk! If you’ve tried to solve a problem looking outside the box, try looking inside! Maybe the answer is right in front of your eyes.

  • Be curious! Nurture your curiosity. Let your mind run wild with questions.
  • Be present! When you are present—and not on autopilot—you’ll become aware of how creative you really are.
  • Start a creativity journal! Think about your day and write down the times you felt creative. If nothing comes to mind, remind yourself that you are like no one else on the planet, so the things you did today, you did in your own unique and creative way.

What gets your creative juices flowing? Often it’s something very simple, but wow, does it work! Please share your secrets to creativity! We’re all ears!