Looking To Get A Jump On Your Life?

Looking to get a jump on your life?It’s summer. It’s hot, and it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning. But, is it really the heat that’s affecting your energy? Or could it be a lack of motivation? Many of us simply use weather, or the time change, as an excuse for dragging our feet—because it works for us! But, truth be told, it doesn’t matter what the morning temperature happens to be. If we are excited about our future, our vision, our life… we are leaping out of that bed, ready to seize the day with the energy of a charging bull!

We all need help igniting the inner fire at one time or another, no matter how skilled we are at being a Self-Starter. Here’s an idea: Write about an incident in the past where you were motivated to jump on an opportunity and take your bull by the horns, then apply what you learned to help you leap into your tomorrow mornings and ignite the Self-Starter in YOU!

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