Thank you, Mr. Earl!

Your stories about yourselves are critically important to the success you have in life. How these stories form and reform, how they transform is the subject of the e-book I am writing. It’s titled Thank you, Mr. Earl! This e-book revolves around what we are calling ‘Mr. Earl’ stories. Mr. Earl was my high school guidance counselor.

Please watch the ‘Mr. Earl’ clip and see if it resonates with you as it has for so many others. You may have your own ‘Mr. Earl’ story AND we are eager to hear it! Below you will have the opportunity to share your unique ‘Mr. Earl’ story. Please write about the incident. Take a moment to reflect on what changed within YOU, what shifted inside that allowed you to create a positive outcome in your life.

As an incentive and a thank you, once you send us your unique ‘Mr. Earl’ story, you will receive FREE (a $100 value) access to the Miller Success Factors Assessment (MSFA). Aren’t you curious to find out what your top Success Factors are?

Ten questions you might consider asking yourself before you write your narrative. These may help frame your story.

  1. Did this ‘Mr. Earl’ experience/circumstance bring about a new set of goals or personal objectives for you?
  2. Did something become clear that hadn’t been obvious through this experience? What was it?
  3. Was there a way that internal strength or “grit” was mobilized? Do you remember how this happened?
  4. Was there a shift in mindset or perspective that occurred? If so, what was it?
  5. What do you think made it possible to act powerfully and positively?
  6. Did you have an experience when you felt or saw things from a different perspective? Please elaborate.
  7. What led you to act in a new way?
  8. What specific risks did you take and how did that contribute to an effective outcome or change?
  9. Can you describe a progression from feeling defeated and confused to a point where you felt that something positive might come out of the situation?
  10. Talk about how and when you got mobilized into action instead of passively waiting.