National Positive Attitude Month

Positive Attitude MonthOctober is a good month to let your positive attitude shine!

Did you know October is National Positive Attitude Month? I know, it’s kind of silly, but you know what? It’ll be just between you and me. You being all those Self-Starters out there. You know who you are because you were born a Self-Starter. You’re the kid who had the lemonade stand or paper route or tinkered on the computer building your first online store. You were stepping up to the plate in grade school, more likely kindergarten, am I right? When you wanted something, you made it happen. If you fell down on the way toward your goal, you got up and tried again. You were born with a positive attitude. It’s one of the 9 Attributes of a Self-Starter. It’s who you are.

So happy Positive Attitude Month to you! How many candles will be on your cake?