Office Depot Self-Starter - Office Supplies, Furniture, Technology & More! When I deliver keynotes, I always talk about the fact that self-starters are found in every walk of life. So in that vein, I wanted to share this short story about an experience I had at an Office Depot in southern California this week.

So imagine the constant heat that is Los Angeles basin–104 degrees to be exact! I drag in my stepmother’s old computer for repair—I’m hot, bothered, and slightly cranky. I schlep over to the computer repair counter and this bright-eyed young man greets me with a big smile on his face. Not the usual, rote question—“Does your computer need repairing?” Since obviously I am there for computer repair, but, “What problem can I solve for you today?”

He sets me up for the autoscan. I am a very curious person and love to hear people’s stories. “How long have you being doing this work?” Now here it comes: “Not very long, but I seized the opportunity (PS: one of the nine success secrets!) that was presented. I said I would learn, read, and go to school to keep this position. You see, I want to someday open my own business. I’m only 22 but I am going for it. I know I have a lot to learn about customer service as well as technology.”

Unbelievable young man! And, thank you Office Depot for creating an environment where a self-starter can thrive!