Passion Doesn’t Fade. Is it Time to Revisit Yours?

You can measure success in any number of ways, such as earnings or upward mobility. People who follow their passion typically enjoy material success, but more importantly, they enjoy the work that brings in the earnings.

Lisa Escobar, a 37-year-old former nightclub supervisor in Las Vegas, knows what it’s like to rediscover passion. Back in 2011, while on vacation, Lisa realized that although she had reached success in her job, she was too busy. So she left her 60-hour-a-week job and took six months off to spend time with the people she cared about, and to figure out exactly what she cared most about – to revisit her passion.

Looking for the Key to Success? It's In Your Head!

Since elementary school age, Lisa had loved to decorate; she showed interest in colors and fabrics. But when it came time to enter college, she chose science over interior design. Eventually, she began working on the strip for family reasons.

But back to 2011: While off from work, Lisa kept busy by decorating family residences. With the informal work, she began building a design portfolio. Then she learned more about social media so she could spread the word. Family and friends referred her to their friends, and the business grew.

Today, Lisa has an assistant and a successful design business. Revisiting her passion helped her reach an entirely new vision for her work and life. Read more about Lisa Escobar in this Las Vegas Review-Journal article. (//

Lisa inspires her clients, and she’s an inspiration to anyone who knows deep down inside that although their work and life brings them satisfaction, they lack passion. Doing what you love and being successful are not mutually exclusive. Not sure if you’re driven by passion? Take the Miller Success Factors Assessment and learn how to revisit your passion with Success Factors, Inc.’s Fast Track Program. Call us at 425-485-3221 or visit us online ( to get started now.