Passion Fires Up Perseverance

An early season baseball game. A passionate objection, then an ejection. And ultimately, a win.

An April 16 baseball game between the Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers showed how passion can fire up perseverance in one’s self – or in an entire team.

Mariners manager Scott Servais was upset by a call (or more accurately, a call reversal) in the bottom of the sixth inning. Servais ran from the dugout and had a “few words” with officials, who tossed him from the game.

The coach’s actions might have been seen as extreme had things gone the other way and the Mariners had lost the game. But his show of passion and support for his team gave a boost to the players, helping them persevere and win the game. As outfielder Jarrod Dyson told the Seattle Times, “When skip got tossed, that fired everyone else up.”

In the business world, bosses can’t just storm into the board room when something happens that seems unfair to their staff team. But a little passion can go a long way. Employees are much more likely to trust, follow and engage with the passionate manager who has their backs. And sometimes, a little burst of passion fires you up as well. Here are a few ways that passion helps members of your organization at every level:

  • Executives: Passion creates a powerful sense of purpose and excitement, which can engage employees.
  • Managers: Demonstrates enthusiasm for organization vision, mission and values. Models commitment to the job and the team.
  • Employees: Demonstrates commitment to and engagement in employee accountabilities.

Keep your team fired up by channeling positive passion to help teams and individuals persevere through competition or setbacks. We can help. Learn more about our services, including our Fast Track to Success program, that can spot, foster and formalize passion in you, your managers and your employees. Call us today (425-485-3221).