Perseverance: One of the secrets to success

We need perseverance to make things happen!

We’ve seen me write about the Self-Starter Assessment and how it can show you where your strengths lie . . . and what you can to do to apply them to get your life and career well on its way to success. Not to mention help you get things done along the way.

             Strengths like perseverance.

Oh yeah. That’s one of the Self-Starter Attributes that many of us have relied on, or wished we would have, over recent years. I and my staff at the Self-Starter Zone have had to particularly rely on perseverance in the past few weeks as we’re revamping our website to better help you move into your future and launch your own Self-Starter enterprise.

Go. Now. Take the Assessment. It doesn’t cost you a thing but 1o’ish minutes of your time.