Perseverance Pays Off for New Editor In Chief

Perseverance Pays Off for New Editor In Chief

Audrey Cooper, the new editor-in-chief of the San Francisco Chronicle, just broke a few barriers. With her promotion, she became the first woman to hold the position in the newspaper’s 150-year history. And at age 37, she also became the youngest woman in the country to hold an editor-in-chief position at any large newspaper.

Of course, “young age” is relative. Cooper has paid her dues. Although she obviously has a passion and talent for the work she does, it’s her perseverance that stands out to me. For one, she advanced from her first job at the paper as assistant metro editor in 2006 through a series of promotions to her most recent position as managing editor in 2013. Admirable, but not the entire story.

Perseverance Trumps Adversity

In an interview on SFGate, Cooper said that 15 years ago, she applied for an internship at the San Francisco Chronicle three years in a row and was never called back. She worked several other journalism jobs before making her way back to the second-largest newspaper on the West Coast.

When a self-starter has a vision like it appears that Audrey Cooper had, she doesn’t let a setback hold her down. Or in this case, three setbacks early in her career! Cooper also is married with a two-year-old son and leads walking tours in the Bay area.