Positive Thinkers Score as Self-Starters

Tough times call for positive thinking and whether it’s the economy or a few bumps in the road for a leader moving up in a company or a self-starter out to make his or her own way, positive thinking is one of the nine success secrets we identified in self-starters.

It looks like a recent survey from the small-business nonprofit helper SCORE  confirms our findings. An infographic of successful entrepreneurs listed positive traits such as being open and agreeable as contributors to success. On the other hand, making excuses, deceiving others or being overly aggressive helped sabotage start-ups.

positive thinkingOur self-starters always kept a positive image in their heads while working toward their goals, even if circumstances warranted their giving in or giving up. Optimism also adds to mental health and emotional stability. In The Power of Positive Thinking, Norman Vincent Peale delves into more detail on the power of staying positive and displaying positive traits like those verified in the SCORE infographic.

If a few setbacks have you down, hang in there. Need help improving your positive thinking? Check out Peale’s book and try one of our Self-Starter Success sessions.