Program: Becoming a Success-Minded Leader

Becoming a Success-Minded Leader


Becoming a Success-Minded Leader is a 24-week Leadership Development Training/Coaching program designed specifically for Executives, established Managers/Directors, Business Owners, and experienced Project Managers to help them unlock their leadership potential by learning and mastering the 9 Success Mindsets and explore how the mindset affect their ability to succeed and envision what their Leadership Legacy will be.

Public sessions of this class are shown below. This program can also be brought into your organization.

Program Summary

Public Virtual Program
Begins: January 11, 2023
Runs Through: June 21, 2023
Application Deadline:
December 15, 2022
Success-Minded Leader

Program Details

Course Objectives
  • Unlock your leadership potential by learning and mastering the 9 Success Mindsets.
  • Complete an unvarnished inventory of what is currently happening in your work world and build a course of action to successfully transform your outcomes.
  • Review the results of the Miller Success Factor Assessment (MSFA) and gain insights into your key talents to better align your personal and professional goals with your organization’s vision and mission.
  • Explore your leadership purpose, determine how your mindset affects your ability to succeed and envision what your Leadership Legacy will be.
  • Assess how your Inner Critic impacts your success as a leader and apply strategies to shift your mindset to a more productive outcome.
  • Build influencing skills to generate shared commitment, ownership, and follow-through.
  • Develop stronger self-awareness and self-regulation to identify and remove the obstacles you place in your own path.
  • Improve listening, empathy, and delegation skills to expand trust and productivity within your team.
  • Build and lead a Success Initiative to measurably impact your team and organization.
  • Develop new skills for engaging in difficult conversations and learn key elements for effective coaching.
  • Present the final outcomes of your Success Initiative to a panel of your peers, coaches, Accountability Partner and your direct supervisor.
Course Duration

Six Months – We believe that Leadership cannot be effectively taught in a 5-day class. We designed Becoming a Success-Minded Leader to provide learning/coaching over the course duration to allow the concepts to sink in and allow participants the opportunity to practice what they have learned so they can build effective leadership.

Success-Minded, Immersive and Transformative

We focus on building competency in managing strategy and managing people. We leverage the Miller Success Factor Assessment and research-based 9 Success Mindsets to build skills through development of self-awareness, self-honesty, and self-discipline.

Participants build skills through development of an organizational Success Initiative focused on real-life business outcomes, building an inspired vision, commitment, and accountability. Through focused interaction with their cohort, engagement in team and individual coaching, ongoing leadership of their Success Initiative, participants learn how to move their organization forward more effectively.

Classroom & Self-Reflection

The program content consists of workshops, assignments and self-reflection focused on building competency in the 9 Success Mindsets and Team and Individual coaching to reinforce Leadership skills and alignment with their organization’s goals.

Team and Individual Coaching

Monthly sessions to reinforce connection with the 9 Success Mindsets, alignment with organizational goals and development of leadership skills.


Presentation of completed Success Initiative with feedback from the group and participants manager. Participants will be more engaged, self-directed, innovative, accountable AND produce consistently remarkable results.

Sample Course Schedule
Success-Minded Leader

"The more I dig into the content and activities of this program the more clearly I see how I automatically utilize some of the mindsets, while others not as much. Additionally, I see the strong tie between each mindset and the need for a balance of all 9 in order to provide the most impactful leadership.
— Employee Experience Manager, Salal Credit Union

“Because of the Success Factors Training, we moved the needle on the scores we received from patient surveys—from 33% to 74%.”
— Director, Evergreen Hospital

“Discussions and interactions were really helpful and relevant. I will use the success initiative process in all areas of my life to provide structure to my visions.”
— Director, Federal Reserve of San Francisco

Success-Minded, Immersive and Transformational 

Our Success-Minded Leader programs are built on a foundation of solid qualitative research into how people realize success, personally and professionally. The programs were developed by a team of professionals with over 100 combined years of experience, knowledge, and expertise in corporate and workforce development, including team members with advanced degrees in leadership studies, psychology and communication.

Success-Minded Leader programs are well-researched and proven with our Fortune 500 clients. We focus on growing people who grow your business.

Outcomes of Our Success-Minded Leader Programs

At the end of these intense and focused programs, participants will have:

  • Produced a breakthrough in being successful in their life and work.
  • Contributed powerfully and positively to their organization.
  • Developed habits that all successful achievers practice.
  • Engaged a team of advisors that they can rely on as they develop new initiatives.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

“Because of the Success Factors Training, we moved the needle on the scores we received from patient surveys—from 33% to 74%. – Director, Evergreen Hospital

“I learned how to draw on others’ strengths in order to be more successful and build the team. I  have developed a more collaborative relationship with my co-leader through taking this course.” – Nurse Leader, Evergreen Hospital

“The Success Factors Training was very beneficial and useful in current challenges.” – Senior Leader, Costco

“Discussions and interactions were really helpful and relevant. I will use the success initiative process in all areas of my life to provide structure to my visions.” -Director, Federal Reserve of San Francisco


"I left with a renewed personal commitment to my work and items to share with my staff that energized them immediately to raise the bar in their work."
Director, Columbia Basin College

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