The Becoming a Success-Minded Leader Program

Becoming a Success-Minded Leader

A Leadership Certification Program for those leading both strategy and people.

– Executives
– Business Owners
– Established Directors/Managers
– Experienced Project Managers

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Becoming a Success-Minded Leader
Program Overview

Becoming a Success-Minded Leader is a market-tested and proven program that is designed to guide leaders to create inspired and trust-filled environments where the 9 Success Mindsets can thrive and flourish. Leaders build competency where they, and those they lead become engaged, self-directed, innovative, and accountable and routinely and consistently produce remarkable results.

At the end of this intense and focused program, participants will have:

– Produced a breakthrough in being successful in their life and work.
– Contributed powerfully and positively to their organization.
– Developed habits that all successful achievers practice.
– Engaged a team of advisors to rely on as they develop new initiatives.

Program Objectives
BSML Objectives

Program Timeline

We firmly believe that effective leadership cannot be mastered in a 5-day class. Becoming a Success-Minded Leader is a 24-week program that is meticulously crafted to provide participants with 48 hours of comprehensive learning and coaching.

This extended duration allows ample time for the concepts to be deeply absorbed and empowers participants to apply their newfound knowledge, fostering the gradual development of highly effective leadership skills.

Becoming a Success-Minded Leader curriculum provides:

– Self-Paced Learning Modules in our Success-Minded Leader portal
– Expert guidance from our Certified Success-Minded Leader Coaches
– Interactive Virtual Training Sessions
– Team and Individual Coaching Sessions using our structured coaching process
– A Self-Driven Success Initiative

A key Success-Minded Leader difference is bite-sized content, practice and ongoing coaching feedback that allows for better retention and accelerated growth of our cohort members.


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Upcoming Public Dates for Becoming a Success-Minded Leader:

Spring 2024 Cohort

Begins: April 3, 2024
Runs through: September 25, 2024


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