Retaining Self-Starters in Your Company: Some ideas

Unemployment rates are dropping slowly but steadily nationally. So, whether you’re part of a large conglomerate OR a two-person business, we all need qualified workers.

And, regardless of whether you have trouble finding skilled workers, turnover and recruitment likely cost you more than retention of self-starters, those workers who have the vision, passion, perseverance and other key traits of successful people.

If you can’t pay higher wages across the board or to select self-starters, it might be time to get creative. Remember that for many workers, especially in the younger generations, lifestyle matters. They want time with their families, days off to make it outdoors, some “me” time to unwind. Consider incentive programs that award extra days off. True self-starters won’t take advantage of the time or fall behind on their work; they’ll come back recharged and more positive than ever.

Some companies are offering added retention bonuses, which often give supervisors a little more leeway and don’t hold you to offering even more the next quarter or year like wages do. Technology gifts also work; who doesn’t love a new tablet for work or play?

Across the board, try motivating staff with fitness plans or programs and other perks. And if you haven’t already trained your supervisors on how to reward individuals and teams for success, add that to your priority list. Nothing beats a pat on the back and a celebration of a job well done to remind self-starters that you value their contributions.