Savvy Sales Advice for Self-Starters

Savvy Sales Advice for Self-Starters

Self-starters get it: To make it in highly competitive markets, you have to persevere. Many self-starters have been knocked down before, only to get up and try again, so they know how to take a licking. But all of this passion and moxie can’t turn into a chip on the shoulder or downright pushiness. The trick to good sales and service comes from personal connections and attention, not to overbearing tactics.

I recently came across an article on that gives new business owners and their sales staff great advice on how to pitch their businesses without coming across as jerks.

baby salespersonHere are a few tips from the article by Gavin Llewellyn:

Focus on the situation, not your business. You’re proud of your start-up and the success you’ve had so far, but your potential customer wants to know what you can do for him or her – what value you have to offer. Tailor your pitch to the customer’s needs and situation; save the company history and bio for a special page on your website or your future write-up as a success story!

Stop talking and listen. There’s no way to really know what your customer needs and wants unless you listen and truly hear what the customer is saying. Ask follow-up questions that show you were tuned in. And use the information you gather to meet and exceed customer needs, and maybe even make adjustments to your product and service. Your results will do most of the talking with great customer satisfaction once you get the sale.

Llewellyn gives these and other tips for talking with potential investors as well. And that’s often a critical component to new businesses or those wishing to expand. Remember that everyone is not as personally invested in your business as you are, but that you can make them believe in its value and your ability as a self-starter with the right approach.