Seizing Opportunities: A Self-Starter Traititude

One of the traititudes (A blend of trait and attitude) of a self-starter is seizing opportunities. Yesterday, Leon Washington of the Seattle Seahawks showed what that traititude looked like as the team won a hard-fought battle over the San Diego Chargers. Leon Washington was the star of the game. This was a man who seized the opportunities presented to him and went for it.

A year ago, Leon snapped two major parts of his lower leg—the bones even punctured his skin! It was predicted Leon would never make a solid recovery, and even if he did, with a rod in his leg he would never be the same. But he fought his way back, ignored the naysayers, and returned to the team. And what a return it was—two kickoff returns yesterday netted him 200 yards and two touchdowns!

Leon had this to say about it: “Being able to instantly change the momentum, I always relish that opportunity. . . I knew I have to make something happen.” Meet self-starter, Leon Washington.