Self-Starters in the Military

As I sat in the lounge of KASA-TV studios (Albuquerque, NM) waiting for my interview on my new book, Secrets of Self-Starters, I read with great interest an article in USA Today (November 11, 2010) titled, “Wounded Vets Trade Boots for Business Suits.” What was so fascinating was how these former warriors became self-starters.

They took their “traititudes” (my coined term for a blend of attitude and traits) and applied them to their new careers. For example, one soldier described, “When you take a hill…some days by inches,” you can transfer that perseverance to building a business.

Another told about how she felt her life had purpose when she was in the military. She was able to transfer that belief and become inspired about starting her own business. 

What are you thinking about in terms of reviewing your strengths?